Advanced Solar Particle Events Casting System (ASPECS)

IAASARS/NOA is leading the research project ASPECS (Advanced Solar Particle Events Casting System), funded by the European Space Agency ( ESA ) that will develop an pre-operational web based tool which will advance the technology development of a Solar Particle Radiation Advanced Warning System (SAWS) and will combine outputs from modules providing forecasts of solar phenomena, solar proton event occurrence and solar proton flux and duration characteristics, tailored to the needs of different spacecraft and launch operators. This activity shall improve on the precursor developments particularly in terms of the clarity of output forecasts for end users. Forecasts shall be made available through a web interface appropriate for end users and more detail for advanced space weather forecasters. A thorough validation process shall provide results on the system’s forecasting accuracy and shall be used to tailor the modules and the use of different data sources and algorithms for different forecast horizons and SEP energies. Partners in this activity are the University of Turku (FI), the Universitat de Barcelona (ES), the BIRA-IASB (B) and the SPARC G.P. (GR).

Find more information on the ASPECS project here.