Speaker Subject Date
Ms. Niki Xirogiannopoulou (Charles University, Czech Republic) Characteristics of subsolar foreshock and its compressive structures 21.02.2024 12:00
Dr. Fabricio Nicastro (INAF Rome, Italy) X-Ray Detection of the Galaxy's Missing Baryons in the Circumgalactic Medium of L* Galaxies 15.02.2024 13:00
Prof. Tassos Fragos (University of Geneva, Switzerland) Formation of Compact Object Binaries: Insights from Detailed Binary Evolution Modeling 14.02.2024 12:00
Dr. Ioanna Koutsouridou (University of Florence, Italy) The mass and energy distribution of the first supernovae 10.01.2024 12:00
Dr. Nadejda Blagorodnova Mujortova (University of Barcelona, Spain) Constraining the physics of binary common envelope from observations of astrophysical transients 06.12.2023 12:00
Dr. Georgios Dimitriadis (Trinity College, Ireland) The increasing diversity in the thermonuclear supernovae population 29.11.2023 12:00
Carolina Andonie-Bahamondes (Durham University UK) A panchromatic view of obscured quasars: revelling their role in quasar models 22.11.2023 12:00
Dr. Antonis Nathanail (Academy of Athens) Probing Supermassive Black Holes: Insights from Recent Observations and Numerical Simulations 08.11.2023 12:00
Dr. Ippocratis Saltas (Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences) New asteroseismic tests of gravity and dark matter 20.09.2023 12:00
Prof. Joan Sola Peracaula (Barcelona U., ECM) The Dynamics of Vacuum, gravity and Matter: Phenomenological implications on the cosmological tensions and the fundamental constants 18.09.2023 12:00
Mr. Vaggelis Paspaliaris, IAASARS Stellar populations and the properties of the ISM in non-typical local galaxies 06.09.2023 12:00