Participation of NOA in the space mission SWARM (ESA)

As part of its participation in the SWARM mission (European Space Agency), the research team of Dr. G. Balasis (Institute of Astronomy , Astrophysics , Space Applications and Remote Sensing) of the NOA, has developed an advanced computational tool for analysis of Swarm data, which is based on modern techniques of signal analysis and allows the user to minimise the noise from the insruments that are installed on the platform of each of the three satellites of the mission. Furthermore , the algorithms developed is able to detect data satellite electromagnetic waves of very low frequency, which decisively affect the dynamic evolution of the Van Allen radiation belts around the Earth.

The National Observatory of Athens (NOA) is actively involved in this new mission of the ESA: 1. Team Member of the Swarm mission validation (Dr. G. Balasis) 2. Principal Investigator of the Science Exploration Mission Swarm (Dr. G. Balasis)

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