Measure Air Pollution in Athens with your smartphone!

The iSPEX project actively involves citizens in the scientific measurement of air pollution. With the iSPEX add-on you can transform your smartphone into an optical sensor that is suited to measure tiny atmospheric particles, also called aerosols. Atmospheric aerosols play an important but as-yet poorly understood role in climate and air quality, with significant impacts on our environment, health, and air traffic.

Athens is one of the cities that participate in the iSPEX-EU 2015. IAASARS/NOA welcomes you to join its local campaign and measure Athens skies from 1 September to 30 October! IAASARS/NOA is leading the local campaign activities, working closely with the iSPEX team at Leiden University in the Netherlands. The iSPEX-EU local campaign is closely interlinked with activities of the Building a Centre of Excellence for Earth Observation based monitoring of Natural Disasters in south-eastern Europe (BEYOND).

You can join the Athens campaign by sending an email to

Want to prepare? Watch our introduction animation film and find detailed measurement instructions under our dedicated website:

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