Speaker Subject Date
Dr. Iair Arcavi (Tel Aviv University, Israel) TBD 09.09.2024 12:00
Dr. Georgios Vasilopoulos (University of Athens) TBD 26.06.2024 12:00
Dr. Alexandros Ziampras (Queen Mary University of London, UK) Modeling protoplanetary disks in continuum emission with planet–disk interaction 29.05.2024 12:00
Stephan de Wit (National Obsrvatory of Athens) TBD 10.05.2024 12:00
Dr. Nikos Prantzos (C.N.R.S., Institut d' Astrophysique de Paris, France) On the origin of the Galactic thin and thick discs, their abundance gradients and the diagnostic potential of their abundance ratios 13.03.2024 11:00
Ms. Niki Xirogiannopoulou (Charles University, Czech Republic) Characteristics of subsolar foreshock and its compressive structures 21.02.2024 12:00
Dr. Fabricio Nicastro (INAF Rome, Italy) X-Ray Detection of the Galaxy's Missing Baryons in the Circumgalactic Medium of L* Galaxies 15.02.2024 13:00
Prof. Tassos Fragos (University of Geneva, Switzerland) Formation of Compact Object Binaries: Insights from Detailed Binary Evolution Modeling 14.02.2024 12:00
Dr. Ioanna Koutsouridou (University of Florence, Italy) The mass and energy distribution of the first supernovae 10.01.2024 12:00
Dr. Nadejda Blagorodnova Mujortova (University of Barcelona, Spain) Constraining the physics of binary common envelope from observations of astrophysical transients 06.12.2023 12:00
Dr. Georgios Dimitriadis (Trinity College, Ireland) The increasing diversity in the thermonuclear supernovae population 29.11.2023 12:00
Carolina Andonie-Bahamondes (Durham University UK) A panchromatic view of obscured quasars: revelling their role in quasar models 22.11.2023 12:00
Dr. Antonis Nathanail (Academy of Athens) Probing Supermassive Black Holes: Insights from Recent Observations and Numerical Simulations 08.11.2023 12:00
Dr. Ippocratis Saltas (Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences) New asteroseismic tests of gravity and dark matter 20.09.2023 12:00
Prof. Joan Sola Peracaula (Barcelona U., ECM) The Dynamics of Vacuum, gravity and Matter: Phenomenological implications on the cosmological tensions and the fundamental constants 18.09.2023 12:00
Mr. Vaggelis Paspaliaris, IAASARS Stellar populations and the properties of the ISM in non-typical local galaxies 06.09.2023 12:00