Speaker Subject Date
Dr. Athena Coustenis Paris Observatory at Meudon, France The European Space program at the service of searching for habitable worlds in the solar system and beyond 20.12.2019 12:00
Prof. K. Gourgouliatos University of Patras, Physics Department Magnetic Field Evolution in Neutron Star Crusts 04.12.2019 12:00
Prof. Loukas Vlahos Department of Physics, University of Thessaloniki Magnetic Reconnection in the Solar Corona 03.12.2019 12:00
Prof. Francoise Combes Observatoire de Paris & Collège de France, France Molecular tori, black hole fueling and feedback in nearby AGN 13.11.2019 13:00
Dr. Olga V. Khabarova Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, Russian Academy of Sciences (IZMIRAN), Moscow, Russia The dynamical heliospheric current sheet. Waves, ripples, magnetic islands and related effects. 11.11.2019 12:00
Dr. Thomas Bisbas National Observatory of Athens, IAASARS Photodissociation and cosmic-ray dominated regions from local infrared dark clouds to distant star-forming galaxies 06.11.2019 12:00
Dr. Steve Schulze Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel The Host Galaxies Properties of the PTF Core-Collapse Supernova Sample 23.10.2019 12:00
Dr. Bruno Altieri ESAC, Spain The dark universe in the eyes of Euclid 21.10.2019 12:00
A. Nersesian National Observatory of Athens, Greece Revealing the dust heating processes on global and spatial scales 16.10.2019 12:00
Dr. Vana Fragkou University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Galactic Planetary Nebulae especially those in Open Star Clusters 18.09.2019 12:00