Speaker Subject Date
Dr. Maria Charisi Columbia University, USA Quasars with periodic variability as sub-parsec supermassive black hole binary candidates 18.07.2017 12:00
Dr. Eleni Vardoulaki University of Bonn, Germany The 3GHz VLA-COSMOS Large Project: data release, most recent results, and the structure of radio AGN 28.06.2017 12:00
Dr. Ioannis Baziotis Agricultural University of Athens, Greece Shock Metamorphism in meteorites: the example of Chantonnay, Chelyabinsk and Chateau-Renard ordinary chondrites 21.06.2017 13:30
Dr. Ioanna Tsagouri National Observatory of Athens, Greece Characterizing the Earth's ionosphere: model development, validation and relevant products 14.06.2017 12:00
Dr. Manolis Georgoulis Academy of Athens, Greece Magnetic Field Magnitude of Coronal Mass Ejections in the Solar and Stellar Habitable Zones: Habitability Constraints 1.06.2017 12:00
Dr. Syed Ashraf Uddin Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China The Influence of Host Galaxies in Supernova Cosmology 31.05.2017 12:00
Dr. Olga Sykioti National Observatory of Athens, Greece Imaging spectroscopy in land applications 26.05.2017 11:00
Dr. Gian Luigi Granato INAF Trieste, Italy On dust-covered simulations 22.05.2017 12:00
Dr. Angel Ruiz National Observatory of Athens, Greece [OIII]-emitting galaxies in the SDSS-3XMMe-WISE cross-correlation. A demonstration of the ARCHES project 03.05.2017 13:00
Mr. Georgios Dimitriadis University of Southampton, UK Insights on the progenitors of Type Ia supernovae from late time data: The case of SN 2011fe 22.03.2017 12:00
Mr. Georgios Vasilopoulos Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Germany Be/X-ray binaries in the Magellanic Clouds; Breaking the Eddington luminosity limit of accreting neutron stars 08.02.2017 12:00
Dr. Chrysa Avdellidou ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands Delivery of exogenous material on asteroid surfaces via impacts 25.01.2017 12:00
Dr. Paul Sell University of Crete, Greece Parsec-Scale Shocks Produced by Powerful Jets from Neutron Star and Stellar-Mass Black Hole Binaries 13.01.2017 12:00
Dr. Eleni Vardoulaki University of Bonn, Germany FR-type radio sources in COSMOS 21.12.2016 12:00
Dr. Elias Koulouridis Service d'Astrophysique AIM, CEA Saclay, France The XXL X-ray survey: first results and future 19.12.2016 12:00
Dr. Olga Malandraki National Observatory of Athens, Greece Space Physics Research in the Heliosphere - European Commission Horizon 2020 & FP7 projects at IAASARS/NOA 14.12.2016 12:00
Dr. Panagiotis Elias National Observatory of Athens, Greece The Corinth Rift Near Fault Observatory. Imaging and monitoring the ground deformation exploiting space geodesy 08.12.2016 13:00
Prof. Chris Koen University of the Western Cape, South Africa A brief summary of a few astro-statistical projects 07.12.2016 12:00
Dr. Dimitris Paronis National Observatory of Athens, Greece Estimation of Ambient Particulate Matter Concentrations over Athens from MODIS-3km Aerosol Optical Depth and a Linear Mixed Effects Model 06.12.2016 12:00
Dr. Alceste Bonanos National Observatory of Athens, Greece Identifying the Missing Links in Massive Star Evolution 30.11.2016 14:00
Dr. Manolis Xilouris National Observatory of Athens, Greece Nearby galaxies as seen by the Herschel Space Observatory 16.11.2016 12:00
Dr. Athanasios Rontogiannis National Observatory of Athens, Greece Online Bayesian estimation exploiting sparsity and low-rank 09.11.2016 12:00
Dr. Filippos Kolliopanos IRAP-CNRS, Toulouse, France In search of the missing population of Intermediate Mass Black Holes 02.11.2016 12:00
Dr. Konstantinos Markakis University of Cologne, Germany Probing the impact of the central engines on their host galaxies in the NIR 20.10.2016 12:00
Dr. Olga Khabarova Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Russia Observations of particles accelerated to keV-MeV energies near reconnecting current sheets in the solar wind: case studies and statistics 19.10.2016 12:00
Dr. Konstantinos Tsigaridis Columbia University and NASA GISS, USA Aerosol/climate research with the GISS ModelE Earth system model 04.10.2016 12:00
Dr. Sotiris Chatzopoulos RCAAM, Academy of Athens, Greece The old nuclear star cluster in the Milky Way: dynamics, mass, statistical parallax, black hole mass and dust extinction 28.09.2016 12:00