Speaker Subject Date
Mr. Éamonn Harvey National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland Exploring Classical Nova Shells 12.7.2016 12:00
Dr. Apostolis Voulgarakis Imperial College London, UK Exploring the role of fire in the composition-climate system 1.7.2016 13:30
Dr. Patrick Kelly University of California, Berkeley, USA The Multiply Imaged Strongly Lensed Supernova Refsdal 1.7.2016 12:00
Dr. Piero Ranalli Lund Observatory, Sweden Astrometric studies of exoplanets with Gaia 30.6.2016 12:00
Dr. Kasia Malek National Centre for Nuclear Research, Warsaw, Poland Ultra/Luminous Infrared Galaxies: which AGN types contribute to their mid infrared emission? 22.6.2016 12:00
Dr. Tyrone Woods Monash University, Australia Can interstellar emission lines reveal the origin of Type Ia supernovae? 14.6.2016 12:00
Prof. Shirley Ho Carnegie Mellon University, USA Joining forces against the dark side of the Universe 27.5.2016 12:30
Mr. Michalis Kourniotis National Observatory of Athens, Greece Extreme Yellow Massive Stars in M33 18.5.2016 12:00
Dr. Benjamin Bechtel University of Hamburg, Germany Remote sensing to analyse thermal urban climates - frontiers and recent developments 9.5.2016 12:00
Prof. Dawn Erb University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, USA Low Mass Galaxies and their Gas at the Peak Epoch of Star Formation 25.4.2016 12:00
Prof. Jonathan Davies University of Cardiff, UK Studying Cosmic Dust in Galaxies 21.4.2016 12:00
Dr. Danielle Alloin Emeritus Research Director CNRS, France The European Southern Observatory (ESO): Over 50 years of achievements 13.4.2016 12:00
Dr. Angelos Vourlidas Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, USA & IAASARS Particle Acceleration via Plasma Compression At CME Fronts 11.4.2016 12:00
Mr. Alexandros Psychogios National Observatory of Athens, Greece Morphological classification of galaxies 06.4.2016 12:00
Dr. Foteini Vervelidou Helmholtz Centre Potsdam - GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Germany Modelling the magnetic thickness and magnetization of Earth and Mars 30.3.2016 12:00
Mrs. Eleni Marinou National Observatory of Athens, Greece LIDAR_Part1: The PollyXT LIDAR Infrastructure of IAASARS/NOA 23.3.2016 12:00
Dr. Dimitra Konsta National Observatory of Athens, Greece Evaluation of cloud description in General Circulation Models using A-train satellite observations (CALIPSO-PARASOL-CERES) 16.3.2016 12:00
Ms. Zoi Spetsieri and Mr. Ektoras Pouliasis National Observatory of Athens, Greece Virtual Observatory (VO) tools workshop 10.3.2016 10:00-13:00
Dr. Olga Khabarova Heliophysics Department, IZMIRAN, Moscow, Russia Local acceleration of energetic particles in the solar wind: observations versus theory 9.3.2016 12:00
Prof. Gerry Gilmore Cambridge University, UK Galactic Chemical Archaeology: The Gaia-ESO Survey 2.3.2016 12:00
Prof. Kostas Kokkotas University of Tubingen, Germany Gravitational Waves - Detection and Prospects 25.2.2016 12:00
Mr. Angelos Tsiaras University College London, UK Exoplanetary atmospheres: a glimpse of faraway exotic worlds 24.2.2016 12:00
Prof. Kleomenis Tsiganis Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece Is there a 'ninth planet' in the solar system? 15.2.2016 12:30
Dr. Stavros Solomos National Observatory of Athens, Greece Numerical Modeling and Satellite Assimilation activities at NOA for the description of atmospheric hazards 3.2.2016 12:00
Dr. Filippos Koliopanos Research Institute in Astrophysics and Planetology, France Luminosity dependent change of the emission diagram in the X-ray pulsar 4U 1626-67 21.1.2016 12:00
Mr. Nikolay Britavskiy National Observatory of Athens, Greece Dusty massive stars in the Local Group 13.1.2016 12:00
Dr. Panayotis Lavvas Universite De Reims Champagne Ardenne, France Photochemical aerosol formation in planetary atmospheres: Lessons from Titan and studies on exoplanets 21.12.2015 12:00
Dr. Rositsa Miteva National Observatory of Athens, Greece Solar energetic particles and radio emission diagnostics 16.12.2015 12:00
Dr. Nicolas Sifakis National Observatory of Athens, Greece ERC Grants: To apply or not to apply? 3.12.2015 12:00
Dr. Ming Yang National Observatory of Athens, Greece The LAMOST Complete Spectroscopic Survey of Pointing Area at Southern Galactic Cap 25.11.2015 12:00
Dr. Alexandra Tsekeri National Observatory of Athens, Greece Retrieving aerosol microphysical properties with ground-based remote sensing 18.11.2015 12:00
Dr. Antonios Karampelas University of Athens, Greece The Principal Components Analysis. Application to the Gaia Mission 11.11.2015 12:00
Dr. Kirill Sokolovsky National Observatory of Athens, Greece RadioAstron view of AGN jets 4.11.2015 12:00
Dr. Maria Ida Moretti National Observatory of Athens, Greece Pulsating variable stars as distance indicators and stellar population tracers 14.10.2015 12:00
Prof. Paulo S.R. Diniz Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Sparsity-aware data selective learning 8.10.2015 12:00
Prof. Paul Goldsmith Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech, USA Studies of Far-Infrared Fine Structure Lines in the Milky Way 6.10.2015 12:00
Prof. George Efstathiou Cambridge University, UK Is Astrophysics compatible with Planck? 5.10.2015 14:00
Dr. Titos Matsakos University of Chicago, USA A hot Jupiter for breakfast 16.09.2015 12:00
Dr. Richard J. Tuffs Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Germany The Galaxy And Mass Assembly Survey: The Effect of the Group Environment on Star Formation in Spiral Galaxies 31.08.2015 12:00