Tsironis Vassilis   IT specialist    Telephone: 2108109108 Office: 213 e-mail: vassilis.tsironis@noa.gr   Professional Experience 

Mr. Vassilis Tsironis graduated in 2008 from Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with a degree in the Computer Science. In 2013 he got an M.Sc degree in the "Computer Systems Technology" at the department of Informatics and Telecommunications. He worked as technical consultant in banking databases, as well as a self-employed developer of Web applications. He is currently working as a research associate in the development of digital services and application within the EU funded programme BEYOND "Building a Centre of Excellence for Earth Observation based monitoring of Natural Disasters in south-eastern Europe".

  Research Interests 

Databases, Distributed Systems, Internet Application Technologies, Semantic Web, Distributed Hash Tables, Optimal Stopping Theory, development of GIS applications, services and databases.

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