Trypitsidis Anestis   Research Associate    Telephone: 2108109217 Office: Retiré e-mail:   Professional Experience 

Anestis Trypitsidis graduated from Department of Planning and Regional Development at University of Thessaly and holds Master of Science in Applied Geography and Spatial Planning (Stream GeoInformatics) – Department of Geography at Harokopio University of Athens. His expertise is in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Spatial Analysis, design of geo-spatial databases and Spatial Data Infrastructures, INSPIRE Directive and harmonization of dataset, technical and financial management in several co-funded projects (GSRT, Life+, FP7, H2020) and in other national and international projects (Ministry of Environment & Energy/Special Secretariat for Water, JRC-Petten, DGENV, EEA, Malta Environment and Planning Authority – MEPA & Malta Information Technology Agency – MITA). Last but not least Mr. Trypitsidis has actively participated in proposals preparation, writing and submission.

  Research Interests 

Design of spatial databases, data analyst, spatial analysis, Research and interpretation of spatial phenomena against socioeconomic factors, location-allocation modelling, Standardization - INSPIRE/OGC

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