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Aris Milonas is a retired Officer of the Greek Navy. He has completed several science courses offered by the Hellenic Open University (1999-2003) and has extensive experience in the design and construction of optical instruments. He has developed original astronomical maps on behalf of the Ministry of Education (2003-2006). Since 1998 and for a period of 16 years he was assisting, as a volunteer, the public outreach activities of the Visitor Center of IAASARS in Penteli. As of 2014 he is working as a public outreach astronomer of the Visitor Center.

    Interests and Responsibilities 

Over the past 20 years Mr. Milonas has been an active amateur astronomer. He is currently serving as the President of the Hellenic Astronomical Union, an amateur astronomy club of the Attica region. In 2005 he designed and built by himself a 40cm reflecting telescope, which is being used ever since for the training of amateur astronomers and public outreach activities. He is currently supporting the evening tours of the Penteli Visitor Center, initiating our guests to the wonders of the night sky using the historic Newall telescope.

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