Mageiridis Charalampos   Research Specialist    Telephone: 2152157849 Office: EDET/NOA e-mail:   Professional Experience 

Mr. Charalampos Mageiridis graduated in 2016 from the department of informatics of Technological Educational Institution of Athens. Since 2015 he is an undergraduate student in the faculty of sciences of the university of Marseille, department of physics-chemistry (Distance education). He has worked as a computer engineer in the private sector, in particular in the field of requirements engineering and software development offering integrated solutions as well as in the design, management and technical support of local area networks. Ηe has been professionally involved in the education in the private sector, tutoring high school students and preparing them for university admission examinations.

  Research Interests 

Image processing and analysis, application of mathematical models for problem solving using mathematical software, development of automated procedures.

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