Apostolakis Alexis   Research Specialist    e-mail: a.apostolakis@yahoo.gr   Professional Experience 

Alexis Apostolakis got his engineering diploma from Electrical Engineer and Computer Engineer faculty at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 1993. His diploma thesis was in the sector of Reinforcement Learning with Neural Networks. He has an MSc (2016) in Space Science, Technologies and Applications by University of Peloponnese (UoP) and the National Observatory of Athens (NOA). He has long professional experience in software development and IT from different job positions and entrepreneurship. He started as a freelancer in 1991 developing applications for Topography and Road Design studies. He has worked at large companies like at the Greek mobile Operator COSMOTE (Greece) (2001-2013) as IT Operations Manager and Project Manager and at Athens metro development company ATTIKO METRO (1997 – 2001) as Software Engineer. From 2011 he is an associate in Technocontrol, a company applying Industrial Automation solutions. He is currently working as a software development engineer for the GEOSS research program with the National Observatory of Athens developing applications automating processing of remote sensing data.

  Research Interests 

Image processing and analysis, application of mathematical models for problem solving using mathematical software, development of automated procedures.

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