Katsavrias Christos   PhD Student    Telephone: 2103490023 Office: E. Harlaftis e-mail: ckatsavrias@phys.uoa.gr   Professional Experience 

Christos Katsavrias is a PhD student in Space Physics at the University of Athens. At 2009 he graduated from the Faculty of Physics and he received his MSc in Astrophysics in 2013 where he investigated the energetic particles in the Jovian magnetosphere. His affiliation with NOA and the Institute of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing begun in 2013, where he became a part of the FP7 funded "MAARBLE" consortium. He is also member of the Hellenic National Space Weather Research Network.

  Research Interests 

His interests lie in the field of magnetospheric physics and space weather with emphasis in energetic particles in the Van Allen radiation belts and time-series analysis using wavelet methods.

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