Giamini Sigiava   PhD student    Telephone: 2103490023 Office: E. Harlaftis e-mail:   Professional Experience 

Sigiava Aminalragia Giamini graduated from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Patras in 2009. He completed his postgraduate studies in the Graduate Program "Microsystems and Nanodevices" at the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences of the National Technical University of Athens in 2012. Since 2012 he has worked within the IAASARS/NOA research programs "Multi-Satellite, multi-instrument and ground based observations analysis and study of ULF wave phenomena and products" (ULFwave) and " Monitoring, Analyzing and Assessing Radiation Belt Loss and Energization "( MAARBLE ). He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in collaboration with the University of Athens.

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