Mountrichas Georgios   Postdoctoral Researcher    Telephone: 2108109165 Office: 105 e-mail: Researcher-ID:   Professional Experience 

George Mountrichas obtained his B.Sc. in Physics from University of Patras in 2003, his M.Sc. in Astrophysics from Queen Mary, University of London in 2004, and his Ph.D. in Astrophysics from University of Durham (U.K.) in 2008, under the supervision of Prof. Tom Shanks. From 2011 he works at the IAASARS, as a Postdoctoral Researcher.

  Research Interests 

Study of the large scale structure and the environment of Active Galactic Nuclei, QSOs, galaxies and groups via their Clustering and Redshift-Space Distortions, Luminosity Function of X-ray AGN, Gravitational Lensing.

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