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Born in Athens, Greece, in 1976. Holds a Bachelor Degree in Geology (NKUA, 2000), an M.Sc. degree in Environmental Physics (2003) and a Doctorate in Physics (2009) in the Physics dept. of the same univ. Her Ph.D. Thesis was upon the inorganic aerosol chemistry (incl. heterogeneous) during anthropogenic and natural interaction of pollutants over Greece (funded scholarship). Conducted parallel research within the activities of the Numerical applications in the atmosphere Group at the Environmental Physics & Meteorology Division of the same dept. and univ. Worked as a Post-Doctoral fellow at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (IMK-TRO) during 2010-2011 in the field of secondary organic aerosol modeling. She then took a post doctoral grant (2012-2015) for the project "Chemical and physical processes of atmospheric Aerosol over the Aegean Sea during Etesian and Saharan events" (Action: "Support of Postdoctoral Researchers", co-financed by EU & GR), at the NKUA in collaboration to Manchester Univ., UK. She has participated in 17 research projects, published 8 articles (9 as a first author) in peer reviewed journals and 24 articles in conference proceedings. She is a member of the APCG group (IERSD/NOA) since 2011, conducting research on the impact of pollution extremes (e.g. wild fires, domestic heating) on air quality and radiation.

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