Educational Activities

Graduate Student Training

Members of IAASARS regularly supervise postgraduate students (Ph.D. and M.Sc.). Since the Institute cannot formally award academic degrees the students are registered in collaborating Universities, primarily the University of Athens, the University of Patras and the University of Thessaloniki.

Advanced Astronomy Schools

The X-ray group has so far organised four "Advanced Astronomy Schools", which are aimed at postgraduates and young postdoctoral researchers working in Greece and are offered to them free of charge. The schools were held in September 2006 (NOA), September 2008 (NOA), September 2010 (University of Athens) and December 2012 (University of Athens) and attracted 20-30 participants each. The topics revolved around X-ray Astronomy, Active Galactic Nuclei, the Obscured Universe and the European Space Agency's (ESA) X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission (XMM-Newton). Keynote speakers included well-known international experts in the field, as well as professors and researchers from Greece.

Postgraduate Teaching

Members of the Institute are often invited by colleagues at various universities in Greece to deliver postgraduate lectures (e.g. Univ. of Athens). Moreover, they deliver courses at summer schools for graduate students or the Institute's "Advanced Astronomy Schools" described above.

Internships for Undergraduate Students

The Institute actively participates in the "practical training and career experience" program, which is an option for many undergraduate students in Greek Universities to obtain their degree. Typically 5 students per year carry out short scientific projects of a few months duration supervised by researchers of the Institute. Such internships provide a unique opportunity to the students to experience for the first time how research is performed e.g. searching the literature, performing data analysis and/or software development and preparing scientific reports.

Space Weather Course for Engineers

Members of the institute participate in the "Space Weather Course for Engineers", which is co-organized by NOA/IAASARS, KULEUVEN, IPAG, and ROB.

Astronomy Summer School for High School Students

Every September since 1996, the Institute organizes a 3 to 4 day Astrophysics summer school. The school is aimed towards talented high school students attending the last two years of high-school (17-18 yrs old) with an interest in Astronomy. It attracts about ~50 students each year, selected out of the ~150 students who typically apply to participate. The summer school consists of lectures on various topics of modern Astrophysics given by NOA researchers, small hands-on group projects and observations using the 62.5cm Newall telescope as well as and other historical telescopes of NOA. The students present the results of their projects on the last day of the school and receive their certificates of participation.
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